White Broth

White Broth

White Broth makes such a delicious and nutritious soup base.  You can  use this broth as a base for other soups or by itself.  Poured over noodles and vegetables gives you a light but filling dinner.  For a more complex flavour, you can use it for shabu instead of the dashi.

To make this broth, you have to let it boil by using higher heat, a covered pot and skimming.  Just the adverse, making a clear broth, you simmer using low heat, uncovered pot and skimming.

Because you will be boiling the broth the liquid will reduce quickly, so you will need to add more during the cooking process.  Its better to add the water during the process and not before.  If you add all of the water in the beginning, your broth will not be as rich.

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