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Happy Sunday to you all!

We’ve added a few new products over in the shoppe!

We sell boxes and baskets filled with all sorts of goodies, with your choice of item flavours available. The best part about our packaging is the fact that it is not only recyclable, but often reusable. Just take our Sweet Treats Cloth Box (shown below)

Sweat Treats Cloth Box


How gorgeous is this box? Regifting isn’t such a bad idea when you’ve got a box like this. Though, if you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself wanting to keep it for, well, yourself. There is so much that you can use a box like this for.

  • Under your bathroom sink will never be cleaner! You can use these boxes to hold extras of cotton swabs and cotton balls, or the kid’s bathroom toys. Makeup or even feminine hygiene products can easily be stored and hidden from prying eyes.
  • Maybe you haven’t organized those pictures quite yet, or you want to keep an old journal or childhood keepsake safe. Boxes like these are ideal for holding things that are precious to you, but that don’t always need to be displayed.
  • These make great organizational tools! In the office use it to hold extras of things that like to get away, like paperclips, tape, pens and post its. It’s ample size will keep everything in one place.
  • For your guest bedroom, use it as a welcome gift! Add supplies like, small shampoos and conditioners, soap, washrags, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Your guests will never feel so grateful. Though, they may also try to take the actual box with them….
  • In your craft area, use these boxes to hold fabric swatches, knitting utensils and/or unfinished projects.
  • Need to wrap a gift quickly? Throw some tissue paper in and you’ve got a beautifully wrapped gift in minutes!

Each of our cloth boxes are high quality and sturdy enough to hold the weight of our bottles and jars. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.


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